Inspire and Get Inspired – Women Who Succeeded in Tech & Cyber.

Inspire and Get Inspired - Women Who Succeeded in Tech & Cyber.

March 18th, 2019Media STRING

March 8th, the International Women’s Day, is the day to celebrate all women in the global society. In QuBit´s mission, it is the campaign take off day, called Women in Tech & Cyber, the initiative started just a month before the key QuBit flagship conference organized in Prague, to inspire and encourage women to enter the Tech & Cyber space.

Despite the growing demand and fast-growing area in the job market, cybersecurity remains an industry where there is an acute lack of skilled experts. Even worse, according to the Cybersecurity Ventures, there will be up to 3.5 million job openings by 2021. Meanwhile, women make up only 20% of the cybersecurity workforce.

From QuBit perspective, the Tech & Cyber is not only about the data breach investigation, the protection of computer systems, cloud & mobile security, cyber threats… Cybersecurity includes even more related professions such as cybersecurity law, insurance, psychology, security compliance, marketing and many more.

To attract women to attend the campaign, the short life stories have been asked to be sent and the inspirational women whos‘ story obtain the highest support (number of „likes“) these will be awarded with a Free Pass for QuBit Conference Prague 2019, April 10-11.

In the period of Friday, March 8th from 9 AM (CET) to Tuesday, March 12th by 12 AM, the number of nine stories were sent and published on Tue, March 12th afternoon on QuBit Conference LinkedIN page, to be shared and collect „likes“. Four among them, namely Issa Makka, Kritika Kotnala, Lenka Srchova, and Mariya Harseva were awarded by free entrance to the Conference and/or training program. The campaign ended on Monday, March 18th at 9 AM (CET).

Women Working in Cybersecurity

The short professional stories are still shared on QuBit´s pages, so if you are interested to know them in detail, you can find them here. You will find the stories of Security Solutions Architect, the Consultant and company owner organizing training and awareness activities, the lawyer acting with her clients in all aspects of cybersecurity, cybercrime and personal data protection, the manager, Anti-Fraud expert, Country leader and other professions and roles, showing that women love their tech jobs, being fascinated, recognizing and appreciating the collaborative and supportive team climate.

„In its emerging universe, there weren’t much women either (almost none), but I did it and it was life-changing for me,“ said Mariya Harseva, the Anti-Fraud expert, one of the awarded women among the others. The fascinating stories show how the mathematics professor and language teacher becomes Country CEO of global technology vendor, how Farzana Mithun, Chief, ICT Security at United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission fights against the cyber crime in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, while the military fights against Ebola virus, or while they are fighting against militia.

„Now I can understand the business perspective of data protection even better and constantly overcoming myself in order to provide the highest quality advisory to my clients… “, Tatiana Valentova, the GDPR expert acting in public services, now consultant of own company, explains.

Farzana MithunChief, ICT Security at United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission
Mariya HarsevaAnti-Fraud expert

Women Want to Inspire

When we have asked Mariya why she decided to participate at the campaign, she said:

„I decided to participate in the campaign, because I feel Tech and Cyber are too important topics to be left only to men, yet women are still a minority there. So I thought it would be great, if my story can motivate other women to take this career path and give them hope that they will not a the minority in Tech and Cyber space in the future. My journey in this thematic was and still is very intense and resource-consuming and I am not saying it will be easy, yet it will be exciting and  challenging, but definitely worth experiencing it.“

The words of women speaking for itself, the women having even very clear vision, when we talk Cyber Security importance:

„My field is  very turbulent, very challenging and abstract sometimes and I still have the feeling not many people understand the reasons behind all complexity in the Cyber Security space, so raising awareness about Cyber Security importance, increasing effectiveness and resilience are ultimately important to me. I think that developing a mindset for adequate Cyber Security concepts should be every IT professional’s prerogative in order to make technology more sustainable to threat and enable further evolution in the Cyber space…“ said Mariya Harseva, Anti-Fraud expert from Bulgaria and one of the campaign winner.

„We are happy, that we can welcome Mariya in Prague QuBit Conference, to discuss and share her experience in the QuBit community audience…“ said Maria Kalicakova, CEO of QuBit Conference, another example and success story of Women in Tech & Cyber.

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